A mentor is a major key player to change a small business to become more than successful. Small businesses that receive mentor’s services tend to highly achieve in business which leads to increase in business growth. The owners of small businesses must not be stingy when it comes to acquiring services from a business mentor.

It is very easy for any person to start up a business but it is of great importance to acquire a business mentor services as a mentor will fully assist the business owner to navigate the complex challenges that often come with being a business owner and therefore acquiring services from a mentor is really an asset to the business owner.

One may have tremendous talent and technical skills but needs assistance pertaining strategic management of the business in order for the business details organized. Mentors deliver free or inexpensive services and confidential advice for start-ups and existing businesses for the businesses to be successful despite the risks which can be encountered in the business.

A mentor can make a plan for a business, for example, finding a strategic business location, how to cope up with competition in business, organizing bookkeeping, managing contracts, logistics, pricing of goods and services, advising on strategic marketing among other vital business elements/aspects which are very important for a business to be a success.

A mentor can help the small business owners through free face-to-face business consulting, low-cost training covering important business aspects such as business planning, how to access capital from financial funders e.g. banks, government etc., marketing, risk management, how to save company money, how to compile a business plan, how to compile business proposals, regulatory compliance, exporting, financial management, counseling and other resources to fully assist business people to start and grow successful businesses etc….

In a nutshell, if the business owner and as well as the staff fully implement the ideas and strategies of the mentor the business will quickly expand successfully. Mentors must not be undermined as they strive to make the business owners have a deep understanding of what is a business and what should be done for the business to be a success. In other words, one can describe a mentor as an egg so a business owner must guide jealously their relationship with a mentor so that they will have long healthy relationships.

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